Aquaculture Lighting Denmark

SunFlux aquaculture lighting

Easy installation
Easy to install the underwater lights at fixed depths and positions by using buoys and ropes.
Installation of driver and power is easy to install and it is all above water. Connect and it will light up.

Unique dimmable light concept
Control the lighting. AquaSun® LED dimmers provide smooth, programmable dimming to ensure even and accurate light.
The expansion bus on all AquaSun® dimmers is a standard 1-10V interface for maximum expansion capability as well as compatibility with a wide range of existing (installed) barn controllers.
Soft start over a short period to avoid stress for the fish.
DALI control, 1-10V dimming or PWM dimming is a easy way to control light level at any time of the day.

Stainless steel 316L
Tempered glass
Cable standard 25 meter


Light color

Red, Green, Blue

5000K or 6000K daylight

Or any mix of daylight and color chips, including UV light.